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Because your home is one of the biggest investments most of us
will ever make I am here to help you make the most of this  investment.  I
look forward to working with you to assess your real estate financing
options.  Whether you'd like to buy your first home, renovate an  existing
property, or leverage the equity you've built, I'm here to discuss
strategies and products available to you.  As a CIBC Mortgage  Advisor, my
job doesn't stop at finding you the right financing solution.  I'm  able to
provide you with advice and information on living with your mortgage such
as pay down strategies that will help you own your home sooner, or options 
for your next property purchase.  If you have any questions along the  way,
or even down the road, I encourage you to contact me.  As a mobile
mortgage Advisor, I'll meet with you at the time and place of your
choosing.  Whether at your home, office or even over the phone.   I want to
make the home financing process convenient for you!
I am a customer-focused account professional with more than 25  years
of experience in the financial services industry; including stock
brokerage, banking and financial planning.  I also hold a Personal
Financial Planning designation (PFP) through the Canadian Securities
Institute.  I understand  how the market works.  I'm here  to provide you
with one on one, no obligation advice. As your single point of contact.
I'll help make the mortgage financing process convenient for you, as well
as discuss flexible solutions that take your lifestyle into account.   By
understanding what options are available to you and how they fit into your 
lifestyle and budget, you'll be in a good position to select the right
financing products.  My goal is to offer you sound advice to help  identify
strategies to reach your goals.